Many of the cast and crew I work with in Pakistan and Afghanistan have great difficulty in making ends meet. Some work eighteen hour days and juggle half-a-dozen jobs. It’s especially difficult in countries like this where there is very little government funding for the screen industry. For several years I’ve been passing a percentage of the little income I get from my writing and filmmaking to some of these men and women. Money goes a long way in that part of the world, especially as there is no ‘middle-man’ and I known 100% of my contribution will go to the individual. If you would also like to support the people I work with in Afghanistan and Pakistan, helping them to get by and remain working in the film industry, then please consider a PayPal Donation. Please mark your donation ‘Actors Fund’ in the description.


If you believe in my work as an author and filmmaker and would like to support the development of future projects, please donate to my Patron Fund. Promoting social justice and mental health awareness via books and films comes at a cost and every bit counts. When making PayPal donations, mark your contribution as a ‘Patron’. You can also contribute on a regular basis by selecting ‘Monthly Donation’. Rest assured, your funds will be used for the development of written and filmed work that promotes peace and social justice. As a patron of my film fund you will also be provided with perks such as invitations to previews and mentions in credits.

If you would like to support my work in any other way, please write to me!

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