3 thoughts on “Haroon John filming for Sher Alam’s isolation scene

  1. Hello ,
    I just watched your film, and wanted to congratulate you on a beautiful piece of work! I have so many questions about production, casting, and shooting on location. The images were beautiful, and had air of intimacy which is difficult to find.
    I guess the first question would be; what camera is it that Haroon is using above?

    Best Greetings,

    Hajj Yasser Booley,
    Cape Town, South Africa

    1. Hi Yasser,

      Thanks for your kind comments. The camera we used in now somewhat outdated, a Sony PD150. We shot on tape, but now mostly people shoot on cards and harddrives. Most of your questions would be answered in some of the film interviews you can find on the MEDIA page of this website. I have never been to Cape Town but worked for a while in Jo’burg. You can read about this in my new book PARAMEDICO available on Amazon.co.uk

      Best to you,


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