Guns, Movie-making & The Wild West of Pakistan
Pier 9 (2008)

On a journey through the remote North West Frontier of Pakistan, Australian Benjamin Gilmour discovered an astonishing culture – one of strong beliefs and a suspicion of outsiders, a love of Lollywood films and an obsession with making guns. With unstoppable determination, Benjamin decided to return a year later to make a movie about those tribal regions – despite the fact that he had never actually made a film before and that it was illegal and extremely dangerous for him to do so. Warrior Poets is a riveting memoir about Benjamin’s journeys to Pakistan and the making of the film.


From start to finish the book oozes with amazing yarns and insights into Pakistani culture and Islam. It is fascinating and funny, this is one of the best books I have read.
Alison Byrne
A riveting memoir impossible to put down.
New Asia Books