Afghanistan, circa. 1998-2003. Featuring AK47s, gunship helicopter, tank, grenade and landmine, ringed with bullets. Tightly woven, hand-knitted pushti ‘war rug’ is of excellent quality and very unique. Dimensions are 85cms x 60cms which makes this rug perfect to display on a wall. It is likely from an unknown village in eastern Afghanistan where Afghans have historically woven their war stories into rugs.

I purchased this around 2004-5 during production of my first film Son of a Lion, and even then it was hard to find. Nowadays Afghan war rugs are near impossible to unearth and are highly collectible. This is a reluctant sale, but necessary due to circumstances. I will not be selling any more of my collection. Rug expert Milton Cater estimates this rug to be worth approximately $1000 AUD. Today I am letting it go for $600 AUD, with $20 freight Australia-wide. Free delivery for anyone in the Northern Rivers, NSW. Please contact for freight charges if overseas. Percentage of the sale will be donated to an Afghan family I personally know.

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