Our Afghan film shoot begins

There have been significant developments on the ground here in Afghanistan where we are shooting our next feature film, ‘Jirga’. Those of you who supported the film during our crowd-funding campaign might remember the title as ‘Return to Kandahar’. Not much of the film’s story has changed since then, but the making-of the film sure has. Our Pakistani financier pulled out and left us high and dry in Peshawar. We decided just last month to move the entire shoot to Afghanistan. Yeah, I know, crazy huh? But Sam Smith (lead actor) and I had no choice, other than to come home. The Pakistani authorities banned us from shooting in their country. Despite our money drying up and this essentially becoming a ‘credit-card film’, I am strangely happy about the move to Afghanistan. Because I believe in authenticity, and a film set in Afghanistan really ought to be shot in Afghanistan, don’t you think?

The shoot is under way, pray for us!

Director in Kabul


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