Paramedico released in the USA

My book Paramedico has been released in the USA this week and if you live over there it ought to be available at a good bookshop near you. Please do review it on the US Amazon if you’ve read it, those reviews always help.

Here is an interview that appeared in The Guardian last week, including the US online version. They asked me to be online for answering comments below the piece for a day or so. Usually I try and ignore the comments section under articles, which can be almost as depressing as listening to talk-back radio. So for the real entertainment, keep reading below the Q&A.

Other US publicity about Paramedico so far has ranged from EMS blogs to radio. This review in EMS World Magazine is the best so far. The venerable Jason Friesen of Trek Medics International also did a nice Q&A for them. Check out Trek Medics to witness the amazing developments they are working on right now.

Our film paramedico, available in most world territories as a VOD (download-to-rent) from our Vimeo site, will be officially launched in the US by EMS World at the EMS World Expo in Las Vegas next month. So if you’re in the US and want to see the film on the big screen, get yourself tickets to this gigantic annual event. I may just be heading over to the US for EMS World Expo in September, so if you’re in LA and would like to invite me to dinner, coffee or a speaking gig, let me know.

See you in Vegas!



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  2. Rob Lawrence says:

    Hope you got back safe and sound. Great to meet/ review/ interview. Which country next ?

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