The Cannes of Asia

Back in 2008, ‘Son of a Lion’ had it’s world premier at the Busan International Film Festival often referred to as ‘the Cannes of Asia’ and I went along, not knowing what I was in for. Turned out I ended up being mistaken for Brad Pitt on a 300 foot red carpet, had Korean underwear thrown at me, got stalked by a Latvian Film Festival vampiress and smoked official Busan Film Festival cigarettes with the Berlinale selectors. More than 200,000 people turn up for this festival, the biggest film festival in Asia. Here’s a picture from that mad time.

In a stroke of good fortune the Germans ended up inviting the film to Berlin where we wound up hob-nobbing with the Rolling Stones, Scorsese and Penelope Cruz, a decent combination of talent to hob-nob with, in my view. Busan, evidently, is where great things begin. Just don’t wear white to Korean barbecues. Anyway, let it be known ‘Paramedico’ has been invited to Busan 2012 and I’ll be heading there with Kass. Let’s see what will come of it this time round.

Paramedico in Busan!

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