Of course you can judge a book by its cover …

Most of us would agree that a great looking book cries out to be picked up and flicked through. It has to draw a reader in the moment they set eyes on it. Getting this right is a fine art and one that has always fascinated me. Often it’s a process of trying many different versions. Occasionally, as was the case with Paramedico, the versions can vary greatly. Here is where we started and where we ended up.

For this early version, when the title of Paramedico was Mondo Ambo and the subtitle The Secret Life of Paramedics,  I commissioned celebrated Australian artist and friend Gypsy Taylor to draw some roughs for the cover depicting a sexy paramedic. For this character, Gypsy’s brief was to imagine what would happen if ‘Errol Flynn discovered rock ‘n roll’, which I think she perfected in the draft (above).

Although the first cover was brilliant in my opinion, I had to agree with my publisher that the book itself cuts across a wide range of ambulance workers around the globe, not only the ‘cheeky’ ones, and that a broader market needed to be considered. Pier 9 were very keen to use a photo image in the artwork too, and so I mocked this one up for them in Photoshop and titled it ‘bored author’. After all, what kind of authors mock up versions of their own book covers?

Finally, after much hard work by the design team at Pier 9, a very strong cover for Paramedico has been created. It reflects both the international nature of the subject matter as well as the grit and danger of the theme. How will anyone be able to walk past this without picking it up, I ask you? Look out for Paramedico on the shelves in November.

It will be hard to miss!

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